Asbestos Sampling and Analysis

The only way to prove whether or not a material contains or does not contain asbestos is to use a UKAS accredited asbestos analysis service. Without expert analysis and without confirmation that the material does not contain asbestos the law states that you must assume that the material does contain asbestos.

TGS Environmental Ltd utilise the professionalism and expertise of an independent state of the art UKAS accredited laboratory for the analysis of materials collected during the asbestos surveying process.


How Asbestos Analysis Works

TGS Environmental Ltd work hard to ensure the testing process is speedy and efficient. A representative sample of the material, suspected to be asbestos containing, is collected during the survey and submitted immediately to the laboratory for testing. In the analytical laboratory, this suspect material is analysed by a detailed examination by stereo microscopy. One or more representative sub samples are prepared mechanically and or chemically for further examination. Fibres observed in the course of the examination are categorised tentatively on the basis of morphology and certain physical properties.

Each fibre type recognised is sampled by selecting a few fibres or bundles and these are mounted in a refractive index liquid to match the most likely asbestos type. The fibres are then positively identified as one of the six regulated types on the basis of their detailed optical properties using polarised light microscopy.


Asbestos Analysis Results
Once the laboratory results are back we confirm or otherwise the make-up of the material and depending on the outcome we will speak to you about the options you have and will recommend the best option for you.

Asbestos Sampling
If you suspect any asbestos containing materials at your premises we can provide a quick and efficient sampling service which includes sampling and analysis of the material. All our samples are analysed by a UKAS Accredited Laboratory.

We can also offer a 24 hour results service which will get any sample results returned within a day of collecting and submitting the sample(s). This can prove very useful in an urgent or pressing situation.